Feed The Greed

from by Second Sight



feed the greed / the trouble will breed
without regard and common sense, we take what we get and leave a mess
never enough, never too much (never too much), the best is just not good enough
blinded by lies we daily see, its dog eat dog, not you and me
the higher we aim the higher we get, is as bullshit as your ideal of justice
wealth based on tears, regardless life, you can’t deny, you don’t have to fuck people over to survive
profit is the only hype, taking things for granted without asking why, can’t feel shit ‘bout the misery outside, feed the greed – is the only thing on my mind
it’s so hard to beat the beast called greed inside me, built by society
without a need we aim to get useless shit just for the prestige
its so hard to resist the impact of modern beliefs of luxury
without ambitions – just the will to feed the greed


from Feed The Greed, released December 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Second Sight Dortmund, Germany

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